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Densetsu Elemental Shitennou No Silver Millennium

9-11-01: A day of worldwide tragedy

Konnichiwa, minna-san, and welcome to the homepage of the fanfic "Legendary Elemental Shitennou of the Silver Millennium!" This fic is very much in progress, so please, come on in, but watch your step and look out for falling plotlines and broken links. It's very hard to find good youma help these days, but, then again, what youma help is anything but incompetent? ;P Despite this page and fic being dedicated solely to the four Shitennou of the Dark Kingdom, Sailor Pluto-sama will be your guide, so just follow her lead to find out more about this page, to read the fic, see some profiles, and more!

[Disclaimer Puu]Disclaimer
For those looking to sue me...
[Update Puu]Updates
You mean the youma actually know how to update this?
[Info Puu]Information
In case you don't know who the Shitennou are...
[Story Puu]The Story
The many adventures of our beloved bishounen...
[Profile Puu]Profiles
Information on the characters as they appear in the story...
[Doll Puu]Dolls
A few cute dolls I or other people have made of the characters on here...
[Funny Puu]Funny Stuff!
Oddball Dark Kingdom items or quotes that I've run across and found funny...
[Other Puu]Other Fanfics!
Other Dark Kingdom and some Non-D.K.-related fanfiction that I'm working on...
[Ring Puu]Webrings
Webrings...need I say more?
[Link Puu]Links
What, leaving already?